The Only Wul Launch!

After a year of knitting, sourcing materials, testing and branding I am finally ready to launch!

I booked a Christmas market stall to give me a deadline as I am a bit of a perfectionist and have put the launch back at least 3 months now.

On the 14th of December not only will this be my first day of trading it will also be my first stall and the launch of my first website.

From the 14th-22nd December I will be at York's St Nicholas Fayre (Judges Lodgings). I am super excited and after getting all the set up ready it is just nice to see everything come together.

After the stall, any stock left will go onto the website and I will then also launch on Etsy and look at a couple of ski conventions and independant retailers as well as hoarding my hats for next winter.

Each hat is unique and takes me about 4 hours to make from scratch. I only use the purest materials around so I hope you enjoy them as much as I have making them for you.


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