Finding my feet.

Year 2.

They say every time you buy from a small business there is someone who does a little happy dance and yes this is true.

My happiest moments are when I walk down the street and see someone wearing a Wul hat. Have to admit I have stalked someone around Aldi who had one of my hats on!

It has to be the best feeling IN THE WORLD.

At the minute I still have a lot to learn and have noticed that trying to juggle everything myself isn't going to last forever. Orders are coming in thick and fast and although this makes me so happy, I have realised I actually need help!

Year 2 so far for me has had it's ups and downs, it has been a super expensive year with lessons learnt but one thing I am sure about is that I LOVE my products and what I do and that I am more determined than ever to teach myself about how to run a business the right way.

Now to the reason I wanted to write this blog post...

I would like to thank every single person so far who has ever bought anything from me, read my blog, followed my social media or even just liked a photo. I am so grateful for your support, feedback and kind words.

I will be at the York Christmas Market at the Judges Lodgings from the 6th- 23rd of December, don't be a stranger, come say hello and perhaps check out the other small businesses that just like me are finding their feet.

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