I Survived Living North Live

I have just got my life sorted after the wool took over my house before the Living North Live Fair at York Racecourse.

What an amazing event! I didn't realise how many stalls, floors, rooms and even buildings there would be. Stall after stall of have to have goodies. I think I ended up spending more than I took but I have no shopper regrets; except that I should have got more cake! (Little Square Cake Co).

I bought everything from beer to clothes to oven mits (I would name but can't find you, sorry!). Glad I discovered this show and will hopefully be returning to the Christmas one in November if they'll have me!

This was my first Spring fayre and I found that my fellow crafters, new knitters and just general yarn lovers where out in force. I do try to encourage everyone to have a go at knitting it is so much fun and hand knitting is definitely the way forward for those who think they're not so "crafty".

At this event I did my first attempt at public speaking to what I consider a large crowd. Nerves definitely kicked in but I managed to get through it and actually enjoyed it. I think after a few more goes I will become a pro and laugh in the face of stages, microphones and crowds bigger than 20 people! Or maybe not. Either way I am determined to keep going.

I've learnt a lot at this event and met some great people who I hope to see again.

The first time nerves have gone and I survived Living North Live.

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