This post is long overdue. This year so far has been hectic to say the least. I'm getting that new year pressure; where we are a quarter through the year and I haven't gotten a quarter through my to do list yet!

Making your own website is tough and has to be my least favourite thing about starting my own business. It has taking me 6 hours today to adjust my font size! I think the website will forever be a working progress.

On a more positive note I have uploaded my events page. YAY!!!

All upcoming fairs and trade shows will be added along with local events of interest.

You'll also notice Wul Workshops are making an appearance... I will do a follow up post to explain all.

What's next:

In a couple of weeks I will be exhibiting at my first Living North Live event at York Racecourse. Super excited to try something new it will also be my first showcase on stage where I will be doing a live demo. I am no Martin Luther King when it comes to public speaking but I will try and swallow my nerves and hope that what comes out of my mouth is some form of English! Arrgh wish me luck.

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