My First Ever Stall!

York Christmas Market 2017

Wow. December was crazy and I still can't quite believe what happened!

My first ever stall in the British winter weather and I enjoyed every second of it.

A mixture of excitement and anxiousness that I am now addicted too.

I am amazed at the great feedback received and that I sold practically everything but the table! This has given me a huge confidence boost knowing that people appreciate my products and love wool as much as I do.

I met some amazing people with some very creative and innovative small businesses. The advice I received was priceless and I look forward to seeing the likes of Studio Factotum, Ingenues & Curiosity Clothing soon!

I have so many ideas and am looking forward to what the new year brings.

Thank you to all those who have supported me and to Joe for helping me set up my stall with minimal swearing & injuries.

I will be doing another post soon with what's happening this year.

Sneaky Peak: Snoods, Blankets, Wul, Events, Exhibitions, Photo shoots & The New Age Knitters!

Stall: York Christmas Market 2017 (Small Business)

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