Hannah Moody

I wanted to create a product that I can be proud to wear.

All my products have functionality in mind as well as the materials used. I have used 100% Merino wool which I have ethically sourced from happy sheep. 

The wool is then processed, spun and dyed in Yorkshire where the hats are then handmade by yours truly.

I wanted products that reflect my interests; which is why I wanted something snug, timeless and of great quality that can withstand pretty much anything, a hat for life if you will.

Whilst bringing a traditional skill into the 21st century Wul Shop was born.

I only started knitting in December 2016 and after a brief afternoon lesson by Joe's mum; I fell in love!

I was amazed at what I could create and not only did I get a huge sense of achievement but I also found it very therapeutic.

Most of my life I have been sat in front of a computer screen whether for education or work; crunching numbers, making sales, I got lost in cyber space!

I think more and more we "Millennials" need to experience the old as well as the new. The raw sense of achievement you get when you physically see something that you've created is undeniable. 

Wul Shop to me is not just about hats but it represents the reinvention of tradition, British manufacturing and the future of knitting.