Hannah Stanton

I picked up my first set of knitting needles at the age of 26 and fell in love.

The more I knitted the more I started looking at the knitwear in shops and realised that I could provide something better. 

Don't get me wrong I have had my fair share of high street knitwear and whilst it looks great at first, 3 washes down the line I realised I look like I am walking around in baggy pyjamas with an ill fitted hat that is providing me with no warmth whatsoever.

I wanted to create accessories that I'd be proud to wear. 

I researched different materials and made at least 40 prototypes before I created the perfect hat & snood.

I wanted something that would fit most people whilst being snug and super warm. Timeless well made products that are long lasting, eye catching and that have functionality at the forefront. 

Not only did it have to tick all those boxes but it also had to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Polyester is so bad for the environment, so I kept away from as many plastics as I could.

Using sustainable quality materials is very important to me. I chose Merino wool as this is one of the softest and warmest natural fibres.

I then spent a lot of time choosing the richest colours along with pastel tones which compliment a variety of hair, eye and skin tones.

The wool is then processed, spun and dyed in Yorkshire where the hats are then handmade by yours truly.

I use the phrase invest in quality as I understand the cost of shopping local can be quite pricey but I believe that shopping local supports our economy, helps the environment and along with those benefits you also receive a quality product that will last years not days. 

Whilst creating my line I have learnt so much about knitting and I know I have only touched the surface.

I meet so many amazing knitters and crafters who inspire me daily. I feel very lucky that I am doing something that I love and I'd like to thank each person who has supported my journey so far.

Wul Shop is not just about hats and wool. It represents the reinvention of tradition, British manufacturing and the future of sustainable fashion.